About YAIL Live


Although only two years old, YAIL Live history is deeply rooted with that of YAIL Academy, an after-school tutoring and enrichment program since 2004.  Servicing the City of La Crescenta and surrounding communities, the program has helped thousands of students and their parents for the past two decades.  From inception, YAIL has led the way in curriculum design and individualization. The program was among the first to implement and to teach new learning methodologies and testing for the Common Core.  The success of YAIL Academy and its reputation as one of the best student prepareness program stemmed from its core values, quality and holistic approach to education.

Rewind to March 15, 2020 when the first “stay at home” order was issued by the State of California and later by subsequent states, a virtual and live program was necessary to continue its academic program to meet students and parents’ needs.  YAIL Live was launched on April 6, 2020 with our very first Zoom Live session.  In the modern educational system of remote and virtual learning, YAIL Live is a pioneer.  


What is YAIL Live:

YAIL Live is a Remote, Blended, Virtual, (RBV) Learning Program focusing on grade level Common Core Math and English standards. We have combined traditional and virtual learning to deliver the ultimate interactive learning experience available to students from 1st-8th.