Our Program

Curriculum: The adoption and implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative from 2010 by 41 states to-date dictates our curriculum focus. YAIL Live professional  instructors prepare a customized lesson aligned with the common core standards that compliments the dynamic of each class.  The Common Core concepts are difficult to teach, but our experienced instructors deliver them in ways that are easy for students to comprehend and have fun learning. Starting Fall through Spring Semester, our Common Core based curriculum helps build up each student by laying down a strong foundation. Gradually, lessons will progress to complex concepts for students to master.  Our Summer Semester program previews the next academic year curriculum to give students a head start and the confidence to thrive throughout the academic year.


Why is Common Core Hard? Critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills, away from rote memorization and toward higher order thinking skills makes it a challenge for educators to teach and for students to comprehend and to learn.  Common Core was created to ensure that all students graduated from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life regardless of where they live. 

For example, Common Core Math requires students to learn and understand the standard algorithm, the techniques for adding, multiplying, and dividing that generations of school kids have learned. Students can no longer rely on one  memorized algorithm method.  Instead, they are required to fully understand and demonstrate their skill through different solution methods.  Similarly, Common Core English requires students to read stories, literature, and complex texts that provide facts and information in areas such as science and social studies.  Students are then challenged with questions that push them to refer back to the text.  This emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills.


Our Class: Our classes are designed with 4 components to keep your students engaged, growing, and rewarded for their effort. 
 #1:  Attend:
  • Click join class from anywhere.
  • YAIL Live Instructors are ready to greet you. 
  • 60 min. of live instruction.
  • For consistency learn with the same teacher and peers everytime.
  • Teachers check homework to monitor progress.
  • Interact, engage, and have fun learning.


 #2: Homework: 
  • Access Google classroom to print your H.W. assignment.
  • A student copy and a parent answer key are posted.


 #3.  Practice:  
  •  Work on the homework one page per day.
  •  After completion, parents correct, record, & initial.
  •  Bring homework to class.


#4.  Reward (COMING SOON!):  
  •  Earn YAIL Live token for completing homework. 
  •  Redeem for cool prizes in our "Kid's Rewards" store.