Referral Program

A referral is the highest honor a business can receive from their customers. A big part of the success of the YAIL Live virtual programs has been largely in part to our valued parents who continue to refer their friends and family to our online programs.

For those who are professional recruiters and want to make extra money while sharing the YAIL programs, our affiliate "Referral" program might be just for you. It's absolutely FREE to sign up as a YAIL Live affiliate and easy to do. Once your affiliate account is approved by our staff member, you can share your unique referral links to your contacts, audience, and groups to earn commissions. Check out the program details below:


"REFERRAL" Program (For YAIL Live Recruiters):

  • Our affiliate "Referral" program is open to both parents and professional recruiters. You must enroll using our affiliate enrollment link found here or at the bottom of this page: ENROLL NOW
  • Once enrolled, you can enjoy the benefits of our Referral compensation program as outlined on the affiliate portal page. Please be aware that you will have your own login credentials for your Referral dashboard which tracks all your successful referrals, earnings and payouts.
  • Recruiters will use their unique links to track all their potential signups. Anyone using your unique link will be linked to you. You will also be given a coupon code for our site that new signups can use to earn 10% off their first tuition purchase to help incentivize them to join. 
  • Recruiters will earn a first-time 50% commissions from any successful enrollment by a student. They will continue to receive a reoccurring 10% commissions from future tuition payments by that student. 
  • Recruiters can also leverage more bonuses by building a multi-level style team of other recruiters and earn an override from those sales. We offer 2 levels of bonuses. The people who you recruit are called Level 1 Recruiters, and those they recruit are called Level 2 Recruiters. You, as the original recruiter, will receive 5% from the successful enrollments from your Level 1 Recruiters. And will receive an additional 5% from the successful enrollments from your Level 2 Recruiters. That's an additional 10% in potential overrides from your recruiter teams. Note: You must use your network link (not affiliate referral link) in your dashboard to successfully enroll a teammate in your team.
  • Any refunds or cancellations by the parents will result in a clawback of any pending commissions before final payouts are made. 
  • All commissions earned are considered taxable income and you will be required to fill out at W9 form with a valid Social Security or TIN to participate.
  • All commissions earned will show as pending on your dashboard for 30 days before commissions are approved and paid out. This is simply to prevent potential refunds or fraud. Any fraudulent enrollments will call for an immediate termination of an affiliates account. 


It's Quick. It's Free. It's Easy!: ENROLL NOW