Rewards Program

A referral is the highest honor a business can receive from their customers. A big part of the success of the YAIL Live virtual programs has been largely in part to our valued parents who continue to refer their friends and family to our online programs. We want to reciprocate the value and introduce 2 exciting programs for you! 


Introducing our parent's "Rewards" program! It's absolutely free to join and the best part is, if you have a YAIL Live login, you're already part of the program. Every time you share your unique link with a friend or family member, you can earn 50% in credits towards your next tuition payment. Your friend or family member also will receive a coupon to get 10% off their first tuition payment. It's a win win system! Check out the simple steps below:

"REWARDS" Program (For Our Parents): 
  • Your login for our YAIL Live website will already give you access to the Rewards program. To launch your Rewards program, click on the yellow button on the bottom right of our website that says REWARDS. 

  • Use the unique link provided to share with your friends. Be sure they use your link to sign up so you get credit!

  • Once they click on the link, they'll be asked to enter their email in the Rewards program window. We will automatically send them a discount code for 10% off their first tuition payment via email. They can use this code  on their checkout screen to save 10%! 

  • Once our Rewards program sees them use their coupon code, it will automatically notify you via email and through the Rewards program window that you've successfully earned your own rewards. You'll see a special coupon code to save 50% in credits of their purchase amount. (ie: If they spend $140, you'll earn $70 in credits. If they spend $300, you'll earn $150 in credits.)

  • Use your Rewards credit (coupon code) when you pay your your next tuition payment and get an immediate discount. It's that easy! The best part is, there's no limit to how many times you can refer and earn Rewards!