2023 FALL: 5th Grade Common Core Math

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Yail Live Zoom Classes - Empowering Productive Learning

Welcome to Yail Live Zoom Classes, where we believe in the power of effective and productive learning. Our innovative approach to education leverages the benefits of Zoom technology to create an interactive and focused learning environment that keeps students engaged and ahead of the curve.

Advantages of Yail Live Zoom Classes:

  1. Enhanced Focus: Zoom classes are known for their effectiveness as students are not distracted by others. The absence of physical interactions ensures that each student can concentrate fully on the lesson, maximizing their learning potential.

  2. Eliminating Distractions: In our Yail live classes, students cannot engage in casual chatter or fool around with others, ensuring a disciplined and conducive learning atmosphere. This helps maintain a productive environment where students can stay focused on their studies.

  3. Seamless Classroom Management: Without the need to address misconduct, our teachers can devote their time entirely to delivering high-quality instruction. This uninterrupted flow of learning ensures that every minute is utilized effectively.

  4. Interactive Learning: Yail live classes are a new interactive way of learning. Through Zoom, students receive a virtual front seating experience, ensuring they have a clear view of the instructor and learning materials. This level of engagement enhances participation and fosters a deeper understanding of concepts.

  5. Optimized Learning Hours: We value your time, and that's why our classes are structured to eliminate unnecessary time wastage. Each session is thoughtfully designed to provide one full hour of instruction, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive learning experience.

  6. 5th Math Curriculum: Our 5th-grade Common Core Math cover all topics relevant to the grade level while also introducing concepts that are 6-8 months ahead. This forward-thinking approach ensures that our students feel confident and well-prepared for future challenges, making learning an enjoyable and exciting journey.


* Topics covered may vary on class pace.

12 weeks:  $477 for a single subject

12 weeks:  $ 807 for two subjects

12 weeks:  $ 990 for three subjects (BEST VALUE!)👍


Class Information ✏️✏️✏️

5th Grade CC Math:  Wednesday 4:30pm - 5:30pm pacific. 

ZOOM Link for Math Class (passwords provided to parents). 

Meeting ID: 853 9224 0537